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Penile implant is a device placed inside the penis to allow men with ED or erectile dysfunction to get an erection. Erectile Dysfunction has many different causes and each of them has its own treatment. Patients who do not have erection or erectile dysfunction for reasons such as diabetes or venous leakage, or patients with poor erection but for reasons such as heart disease and etccannot be treated with medication. The best and most definitive method of treatment is implant or penile prosthesis.

Penile implants are prescribed after other treatments for ED fail.

There are two fundamental kinds of penile inserts, semirigid and inflatable. Each kind of implant works distinctively and has different upsides and downsides.

The arrangement of penile inserts requires medical procedure. Before picking penile inserts, ensure you comprehend what medical procedure includes, including potential risks, difficulties and follow-up care.

For most men, erectile dysfunction can be effectively treated with prescriptions or utilization of a penis siphon (vacuum gadget). You should think about penile inserts on the off chance that you aren’t a possibility for different medicines or you can’t get an erection adequate for sexual movement by utilizing different techniques.

Penile inserts can likewise be utilized to treat extreme instances of a condition that causes scarring inside the penis, leading to curved, agonizing erections (Peyronie’s illness). Penile inserts aren’t for everyone. You should pay attention to other treatments ways:

  • ED that is situational, the consequence of a relationship strife or conceivably reversible
  • A disease, for example, an aspiratory contamination or urinary tract contamination
  • Diabetes that isn’t well-controlled

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Reasons to Consider a Penile Implant


  • Quiet Satisfaction Rates: 90% of patients were tolerably or totally happy with their penile implant decision.
  • A perfect Solution: Designed to imitate the look and execution of a natural erection
  • Minimal Recovery Time: Following the standard outpatient methodology, a four to six-week recuperation period is important before the implant is utilized.
Dr Mirsadeghi urologist
Dr. Mirsadeghi, Urologist

How you prepare

At first, you’ll converse with your primary care physician or a urologist about penile inserts. During your visit, your doctor will probably check:

  1. Review your medical history: Be set up to respond to inquiries concerning present and past ailments, particularly your involvement in ED. Discussion about any meds you’re taking or have taken as of late, just as any medical procedures you’ve had.
  2. Do a physical test: To ensure penile inserts are the best choices for you, your doctor will do a physical test, including a total urological test.
  3. Talk about your desires: Ensure you comprehend what the methodology includes and the kind of penile implant that suits you best. It’s additionally critical to realize that the technique is viewed as lasting and irreversible.
penile implant
penile implant 3 pieces

Kinds of Penile Implants

There are two primary kinds of penile inserts:

Three-piece inflatable

Inflatable gadgets, the most widely recognized kind of penile implant utilized, can be expanded to make an erection and collapsed at different occasions. Three-piece inflatable inserts utilize a liquid filled supply embedded under the stomach divider, a siphon and a discharge valve set inside the scrotum.

Two-piece inflatable

The two-piece model works in a similar way, but the fluid reservoir is part of the pump implanted in the scrotum. It provides flaccidity when deflated.

Semirigid rod

Semirigid gadgets are in every case firm. The penis can be twisted away from the body for sexual action and toward the body for disguise. A position able penile implant is a semirigid gadget with a focal arrangement of portions held together with a spring on each end. It can keep up upward and descending positions superior to anything other semirigid poles can. Is easy to use for those with limited mental or manual dexterity.

dr mirsadeghi urologist
Dr. Mirsadeghi in in surgery room

Frequently Asked Questions (penile implant)

Will I lose any length after to getting an implant?

Each of them is custom fitted to your anatomy. And the size of this implant is like exactly like your penis size and It is not related to increase or decrease your length.

Is it possible to have to have automatical erections with a penile implant?

Not exactly. So as to put the implant in the body, each time you can have erection with your decision and manually based on 2 or 3 pieces penile implants you can change the status of this implant.

What is the recuperation time?

Every individual is unique and based of the condition of your health of your body is defferent. Typical recovery is between 1 month to 42 days. It is essential to follow the suggestions that your doctor provides for you to guarantee the best result.

What brands of penile implants are used in Iran by Dr. Mirsadeghi and what is the cost of penile implants in Iran?

Based on the selection of patient, there are different kind of penile implants used in Iran produced in America, Argentina, Sweden and etc. All if them have 3 different type: 2, 3 piece inflatable and semirigid rod.
The cost of penile implants in Iran is depend to 2 factors: first the cost of surgery and the cost of them that patient choose.

Are there dangers related with the penile implants?

Penile inserts have no side effect and its one of the easiest surgery.

Will anybody notice that I have an implant?

Since it is totally put inside your body, nobody will see the implant. Truth be told, nobody will realize except if you let them know.

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