1What is the cause of urinating frequently and How is urinary frequency treated?
Causes include nerve bladder, urinary tract infection, urinary tract infection, prostate problems in men, vaginal infection in women and etc. The cause of the urinary recurrence must first be determined and then the type of treatment will be determined.
2What is the best treatment for erectile dysfunction?
Drug, laser and surgery are the solution. Treatment varies depending on the problem and the type of treatment you choose.
3I have a 5.5-year-old son, and he has nocturnal enuresis almost every night, so what should I do? All tests were also healthy.
Pediatric enuresis is treatable with a some drugs in the period of treatment. At First, the type of enuresis should be determine and then the method of treatment selected.
4Do you have to be hospitalized for Cryo? How often do HPV warts recur? Do warts last forever?
No, outpatient treatment is done in the clinic, yes the warts will disappear in that area.
5My wife has mild varicocele, which after the examination the doctor said does not require surgery. Will my spouse have problems with sperm and fertility?
To detect this problem, he should have sperm tests. A person may be physically free of any disease, such as varicocele, but in terms of fertility, sperm quality is poor or infertility, it is true that varicocele affects sperm quality but the person may have low sperm quality without varicocele.
6What does it mean if you have blood in your urine? And what causes dysuria?
Blood in the urine: If it is repeated and persists for a while, its cause must be ascertained. Bladder tumor is one of the causes of blood in urine.
7One vein has protruded in the testis and has no pain. What could this vessel be?
There is a possibility of varicocele. Examination and testing are required to accurately diagnose it.
8Is there a cure for Erectile Dysfunction?
Drug therapy, laser therapy and surgery are the solutions, depending on the type of disease. Treatments methods will be different. Selection of treatment requires careful examination of the patient's condition and all related tests.
9I treated genital warts with home remedies, but warts still occur, what should I do?
Genital Warts should be treated by cryotherapy.
10I've been touching my testicles for over a year and I feel pain. What is the reason?
Inflammation, infection, and varicocele are possible, you require more examination and testing.
11Is there a way to treat genital herpes?
Herpes can be treated with medication.
12What can i do to prevent kidney stones?
After examining the type of kidney stones, you can use preventive medications, It will help to reduce the process of stone production.
13Does Peyronie's disease go away? And what age should it be treated?
It is treatable only by surgery and the sooner the treatment, the better.
14What are the certain treatments for prostate inflammation?
The disease can be controlled and treated with medication.
15What Are the possible complications for not having a Varicocele Surgery?
If the diagnosis shows that the surgery is necessary, infertility will be one of its side effects.